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Upgrade my Garden, pls ​!

When I first saw my garden it looked like this:

First look at my sad sad garden

To be honest, it was empty, naked, and with no sign of life. Such a boring back yard. I could not call it a garden at all. The shape of garden is narrow and rectangular with my neighbor’s fences on both sides.

So, as it was impossible to improve the shape, I was trying to make it colorful, fresh, and full of life.

First of all I added dark grey, almost black, wooden lattice for curly and creeping plants, as ivy and jasmine. It visually divided the long fence into small pieces. Plus gave a support for plants, which should eventually close the fence.

Reading and relaxing zone

My first task was to choose a palette of colors. I decided to use turquoise, red, blue, and terracotta colors. I wanted to bring life by adding a lot of green with plants, as a natural frame.

My next step was to decide what I wanted my garden to function as. Drink coffee in the morning? Read books? Drink wine with friend? After answering all of these questions it became clear, my garden is too small for Jacuzzi or family dinner party. So, it is going to be only small lounge for reading and relaxing or morning coffee time.

For the purpose of reading and relaxing, I used a blue Papasan (click here)

chair under the turquoise tent, which creates a shadow during hot summer days. You can find something similar in Home Depot (click here)

For morning coffee I chose a table detailed with colorful Iranian tiles along the top. Every morning the colorful tiles on the table fill me with joy (click here).

Two red, metallic and lightweight stools are a good match to this table.

Morning coffee in the garden - is the best beginning of the day

California nights tend to be chilly in the evenings; I added a small fire pit. I knew I needed a small, cozy place, with an open flame as opposed to heaters. The fire pit makes for a great centerpiece when I have company over or enjoy with a glass of wine and my significant other (click here)

Fire pit in the end of the garden for small and warm party

Since, there was little open land for planting, I decided to actively use large pots for trees and shrubs. I recommend doing this for rental homes because you can easily take all your plants with you in case if you decide to move to another home.

Your plants and lovely pots will always accompany you on your journey through your life. Typically, ceramic pots are on the pricey side. They are worth investing in if you know you’d like to keep them for a long time.

I think all of us are pretty busy nowadays, so I always prefer to use low-maintenance plants in private gardens. Unless you’re someone who knows how to properly take care of a garden its better to choose “easy to care plants”. In this garden I have chosen ferns as filler plants. Ferns are amazing for shadow spots. I also chose to compliment the ferns with different kinds of succulent and flowers. I wanted to cover the cement fence that encloses my garden as much as possible, for that, I chose to include various “climbing plants” such as jasmine. The vines of the jasmine will grow to cover the cement. As a result, I have a low-maintenance, lush green native Californian garden, which also helps to save water that is very important in California.


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