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Brand new garden!

The before photos of this garden really emphasize the lack of life in this backyard. At 1,500 sq I had a good amount of space to work with. The majority of the ground was concrete - lining the concrete are narrow strips of soil. The space is enclosed by three neighboring concrete fences. It was originally monotone and covered in the same tan brick all over. My client however was remodeling the within the space. She gave a rough idea of what her contractors were doing with the foundation and then I saw the potential that could be achieved!

This is what soil part of the backyard looked like. As you can see it looked ugly.

The Vision:

When opening the door to the backyard, at the long end of it - I planned for there to be a concrete seating area; I know what you’re thinking, concrete? For a seating area? Yes, but bare with me! I needed that area to be surrounded with tall enough plants for privacy. In front of the seating area there would be a built in fireplace.

After the consultation with my client we decided we wanted the backyard to be, modern, whilst complimenting the structure of the house. This meant clean straight lines, wood, and concrete.

The family of five all love to sit outdoors, have barbeques, and host small parties. Having lots of lounging areas and a large fireplace became crucial.

In regards to furniture, since she was already hiring a contractor I suggested we have as much of the furniture built in as possible. Not only would this be cost effective but also easy maintenance for the client.

The backyard already had a built in jacuzzi, so that was a nice bonus.

To outline the dirt part of the backyard, I used a variety of plants including lavender, cordyline, succulents, junipers and lilies. These are pretty low maintenance and don't need a lot of water or time. I planted and covered the soil with rocks.

I decided to use mediterranean style plants, with terracotta pots and stones around the fountain.

Adding the right plants and lighting gave the garden a refresh. The same area looks so much more vibrant after a little TLC.

Here is that concrete seating area we talked about! To break all that concrete I planned for there to be wood built on top for comfort. It’s also very low maintenance since you don't have to worry about weather conditions. It seats ten adults comfortably. It’s also very easy and inexpensive to decorate.

Using regular pillows it’s simple to switch them up when you’re no longer in love with a certain design. The fireplace turned out beautifully. It’s large enough to bring heat to everyone sitting around it for those chilly California nights.

The plants that surround the lounge zone/ fire pit are “modern” style.

The dining table was the biggest splurge in terms of decor. It’s a beautiful six seat concrete top table. The legs and support are made from acacia wood. It ties all the natural elements together nicely.

In the end, I was able to include everything we talked about. Lounging area for a total of 16-20 people, jacuzzi, fire pit, dining table, and lots of plants - all without it feeling cluttered.

The family was ecstatic to put their new backyard to use. They wrote me a little Thank you card.


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